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So uh

All my music that is any good is here:


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Okay so, I’m bad at keeping blogs

Might as well stop now while I’m ahead.

Bye bye now, and thanks for your time. 


The Dream/ Electric Theater

Two new albums for you! I’m going to be gone for 2 weeks, and to make up for it, I’m posting two new collections! I skipped over the EP for times sake, and just posted my two albums that come after Sunset, The Dream and Electric Theater, respectively.
Click the pictures to listen! 😀

The Dream
The Dream

Electric Theater
Electric Theater

Man We Was Lonely


It’s hard to grab people’s attention. It’s even harder to get yourself to doing anything at all.


Uploading songs onto upload takes a long time. Making a video for each one takes even longer, then comes adding them to a playlist.
Far too much effort than I could handle, so I stopped. I have a ton of material to show you all. The last one I actually showed you was the Sunset collection, and then I think a bit of The Dream (one of my favorites because I made it personal). I’ve made a lot more songs since then. There’s been 2 collections I’ve put together so far, with a 3rd on the way.The first of those two is Twenty Eleven, a collection of songs I made during/just after The Dream, but didn’t fit anywhere particular, so I made them to be an EP sort of collection. The next took much of the first few months of 2011, from possibly February to May. This was my longest, and most mature collection, that I called Electric Theater . It is like The Dream because it has a theme to it, but it is far more subtle and abstract than The Dream was. It is around 75mins long in total, and features my longest songs, An Epic (13mins) and Requiem (16mins). It was a more stretched out recording session because of other distractions (school, track, band..etc.) but features my most complex usage of melody and structure. It isn’t my favorite, but it is my best.

The 3rd one that is on the way is a collection called Memory, which will be a combination of everything I’ve done so far. It will feature the sound mixing of The Dream, but the instrumentation of Electric Theater, and the idealism of everything else. The cover is nice too. Here are the covers [The Dream‘s cover is shown in the post below] :

Twenty Eleven

Electric Theater


I will give ALL of my collections from 2009-2011 a listing here once I find an internet playlist place I can use that doesn’t require video. Including these (except Memory, because I haven’t finished it yet)

You can find some of Electric Theater‘s songs on my new channel, which I linked on the picture of Electric Theater.

Coming Soon: The Dream

Soon I will be releasing a new ‘album’ called The Dream. It’s an album that I made during Christmas Break, and is derived from Dreams I’ve had and common emotions. It’s largely sound-based and is almost completely connected (tracks transition onto one another)

I know I haven’t really done anything here, but hey, this is something!

It’s probably the most complex thing I’ve done yet! lol

Another Universal Sound

About a year ago I started making a new set of songs on a new recording program that I still use today. This ‘Album’, as I call it, would be a great change for me. It may be just a list of 11 short songs that really have no value, but when I made it it set me off to a new direction and new idea of music. If I hadn’t gotten the idea to make it I would not be who I am today. This is about the time I started making the song a year ago, and to commemorate that I have made a new song that is in the Universal Sound style, with my present recording techniques. I remade another song that was one of the first songs I recorded for Universal Sound, called “Nation of War”. I never really got the song to work when I first made it a year ago, and so I redid it to see if I can do any better at it. So here’s two songs for your listening pleasure! 😀

Another Bit of Responsibility

I’ve gone and gotten myself another blog.

This blog shall consist of my thoughts, opinions, and views.

I realize I’ve already expressed those here, but I decided I shall keep this to music and use the other for non-music stuff.

i shall attempt to keep both active

Here is the link: